Beyond The Pale


A new show is always a great time, but it can also be decidedly strange too. Enter Beyond the Pale which goes out on a Friday evening at 10pm. Currently it’s in “Beta” form but the show really gets going from Friday 14th September. It’s a bit difficult to explain the show but if you imagine dipping your head into a bucket of sharp custard while someone sings in three voices at once into only your right ear you’ll be half way to imagining the wonderful effect Beyond the Pale has on your brain. From the most esoteric of music choices through to bizarre spoken word tracks it’s guaranteed to be the oddest experience you’ve had from the radio.

Beyond the Pale is lovingly curated and hosted by Daz Lawrence. Daz is the web editor at (as well as being an occasional podcast guest) and is the founder of Gods and Monsters, a merch company which puts out products just as odd as you might imagine they would be. You can find some of their goods on


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