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100% Independent and 100% free. Cogent radio has no political or ideological editorial stance and we embrace variety in our programming.


The CogentRadio Site is still currently under construction. Please check back soon to see what’s coming next!


Whether it’s alternative news, commentary, sport, or comedy we try to source the best shows for Cogent Radio with a mixure of live and pre-recorded content. Want to get involved? Just contact us for more information. 

The Richie Allen Show

Asking the questions the mainstream media refuse to ask The Richie Allen Show is the most popular independent news show in Europe. With a mixture of interviews, opinion, and reasearch it’s easy to see why this alternative news shows garners such a large audience. 

Live Mon-Thurs 7-9pm and Sunday 11am-12pm

Gameface Show

Hosted by the irrepressible Graeme Boothe and the GameFace Show team tune in each week for everything from gaming news, retro gaming, chat, and cutting edge chiptune. 

Live Sunday 7-9pm with replays through the week.

Trigger Warning

Join Hayden Hewitt and Graeme Booth for a weekly foray through current affairs and events of the previous week. This show is NSFW and may contain opinions that will offend, annoy, and possibly cause a rash

Live Mon-Thurs 7-9pm and Sunday 11am-12pm

On The left Side

On The Left Side is a different type of football show. No heat maps and tactical analysis here. Just a silly, left-field look back at the last few days of footballing action from Jim Salveson and the On The Left Side team.

Mon and Thurs at 6:30pm. Double Bill Saturday 5pm

Mondeo Law (Coming soon!)

What happens when you take a one comic, one barrister, and pop them into a battered car – the titular Mondeo – well, Mondeo Law happens. A fascinating and funny take on real world cases. This one is great and we can’t wait for it to air!


Music on Cogent Radio

Here on Cogent Radio we’re proud to say we support indie and up and coming artists regardless of genre. From the mainstream to the positively NOT mainstream. Coming soon will be a request playlist too so you can request your favourite tracks! Below is a list of all the bands and artists currently on rotation on Cogent Radio.

Harry Funktowne | Nele Needs a Holiday | Cholesterol Jones | Livestock Jihad | Naveblues | Ikkarus | Vulpine Smile | Sugarspun | Scott Beveridge | Broken Islands | Kalada | Ms Mohammed | Jonny Dee | Slim Loris | Wartoad | Andrew Small | Quadri | Ricardo Bacelar |Satellite Ravens | Screaming Whisper | The Statue Thieves | Steele | Erike Sparks | Discrete | Adam Lanceley | Shaka Shams | Alice’s Night Circus | Cecile Nordegg |DeGreaser |Harp Samuels | Heronimus Fin |Pat and the Pro’s | Rare Americans | Rich Webb | Saint Mars | Steele | Uno Prism | Ansonix

Get the Cogent Radio App

If you have an Android device you can download the Cogent Radio App from the Google Play store FREE! Here are some of the features:

  • Absolutely free
  • No intrusive ads
  • No special permissions and no access to your personal information
  • 128k High Quality Stream
  • 64k Stream to save your mobile data. Listen on the go without worrying!
  • Access to podcasts for various shows
  • Access to video content for shows


Sorry, there are currently no plans to develop an iOS app at this time. However, we are hoping to make one available in the near future. We will keep you posted.

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